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When it comes to what we specialise in, we work from the top down. Literally speaking, our services start from your ceiling and then everything else around it.
When you call Ceilings, Plastering and Painting Queensland, you can be assured that whatever room, home or office you are renovating will end up looking like new.
No more sagging ceilings, mould spots, water damages, or peeling and faded paint.
All you are left with is a room that has been completely revitalised. If you need specialists for your new construction or renovation project, call us today.

Improve the look and value of your built environment

Our Services

When it comes to what we do, we love it. There is a certain degree of accomplishment when you are able to take something that is bland, boring and old and turn it into something beautiful, appreciated and functional.

When the room we are in has water-damaged ceilings, peeling paint and cracked plaster, our mood can reflect the condition of the room. By revitalising a room, home or office you can boost your mood, increase productivity and stay healthier by removing the negative aspects. Give us a call today to experience these changes in your life.

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About Us

We offer a full and complete service to cover all the tasks you have for most renovation and construction projects. At a glance, here a just a few of the things we do. Call us for more details about specific services or if you have a particular project in mind.

It doesn’t matter if you have a domestic project or a commercial office rejuvenation project, we accept all jobs and do them all at an affordable rate.

Call us today to receive a free quote and to start planning your project with a professional.

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