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CPP Painting
It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do for you. Each new layer that is applied breathes new life into your walls and can make a dull room into a bright liveable space. We love to collaborate with our clients and create new projects together.
If you have an idea in mind or if you need help choosing a colour to help match your theme, consult with one of our experts and we’ll help you find the perfect coat.
You can trust CPP to have the skills and expertise you are looking for. Quick, neat and clean is how we like to paint and we’ll ensure that you get the best experience while working with us.


Plastering can really set the look for a room or the exterior of a building. When professionally applied, it will not only look good but it will also last longer. We at Ceiling Painting & Plastering have been plastering for over 20 years and can handle any job you have for us.
Let us know what you are looking to plaster and if you have a specific style in mind. We’ll help you plan and apply the perfect layer you are looking for.
Wherever you need plaster applied, that’s where we can do it. From new constructions to old plaster maintenance, our experts can professionally take on any job. Here are just a few of the things we can do for you. Call in if you have a specific job request but aren’t sure if we cover it. We probably do.

We are the Above Your Head experts! Don't live with sagging ceilings, mould spots, peeling paint and water damage.

Is your ceiling plaster cracking and paint peeling and flaking?

Ceilings Plastering and Paint Queensland will breathe new life into your home or office and ensure your ceiling is safe and revitalised.

We will work with you to transform the look of each room, using high quality products to handcraft an elegant, contemporary or featured ceiling that will stand the test of time.

CPP Queensland has an extensive track record in delivering ceiling plastering and painting work for commercial, office, industrial and retail upgrades, as well as across home renovations.

We are qualified tradesmen you can trust.


Speak with us to find out how we can help you!

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